Why Audiobooks?

Children of all ages love stories and are always ready to have a story read to them. Audiobooks are a handy resource when time is of the essence for busy parents. Moreover, an audiobook can be re-played many, many times when a favorite story is found or a new tune appeals.

Educators find that audiobook stories support and enhance the learning of literary skills all along the line of educational growth and promote a love for reading and learning.

For the very young, oral language, learning to speak and understand precedes written language. Listening helps to build vocabulary, which is the base of reading comprehension. In addition, young children are better able to focus when moved to the school setting because they have learned to listen. Therefore, “Kindergarten Readiness” is an added bonus for youngsters moving into the school setting.

Audiobooks are a proven resource for teaching reading at all levels and has been used in classrooms for many years. For children learning a second language, audiobooks are a very impressive tool. Audiobooks are also valuable for children with learning disabilities. Often texts can be recorded which enables the child to follow along in the book as the words are read. Vision-challenged children are always ready for a good audiobook and many use this as a source of basic learning.