A Book of Golden Deeds


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By Charlotte Mary Yonge
Read by David Thorn, Susan McCarthy and Bobbie Frohman
Length: 3 hrs and 21 mins
Suggested Ages: 9 to 12
ISBN: 9781939444059

Table of Contents:
Chapter 01. What Is A Golden Deed?
Chapter 02. The Stories Of Alcestis And Antigone
Chapter 03. The Cup Of Water
Chapter 04. How One Man Has Saved A Host
Chapter 05. The Pass Of Thermopyle
Chapter 06. The Rock Of The Capital
Chapter 07. The Two Friends Of Syracuse
Chapter 08. The Devotions Of The Decii
Chapter 09. Regulus
Chapter 10. The Brave Brothern of Judah
Chapter 11. The Chief of Avernae
Chapter 12. Withstanding the Monarch in his Wrath

What is a Golden Deed? We all of us enjoy a story of battle and adventure. Some of us delight in the anxiety and excitement with which we watch the various strange predicaments, hairbreadth escapes, and ingenious contrivances that are presented to us; and the mere imaginary dread of the dangers thus depicted, stirs our feelings and makes us feel eager and full of suspense.

A Golden Deed must be something more than mere display of fearlessness. Grave and resolute fulfilment of duty is required to give it the true weight.

For the true metal of a Golden Deed is self-devotion. Selfishness is the dross and alloy that gives the unsound ring to many an act that has been called glorious. And, on the other hand, it is not only the valour, which meets a thousand enemies upon the battlefield, or scales the walls in a forlorn hope, that is of true gold. It may be, but often it is a mere greed of fame, fear of shame, or lust of plunder. No, it is the spirit that gives itself for others–the temper that for the sake of religion, of country, of duty, of kindred, nay, of pity even to a stranger, will dare all things, risk all things, endure all things, meet death in one moment, or wear life away in slow, persevering tendance and suffering. -Charlotte Yonge